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Blog Reloaded

Blog Reloaded

I decided to restart my blog with a new domain, new look and logo. I used to host it as part of the TeclaWorks site but I wanted to give it its own identity. So I decided to call it Codehops, as a reflection of two things I really enjoy: coding and a nice craft brew.

But the redesign is not just cosmetic. I also converted it from WordPress to a static site using Jekyll. For those who don’t know what Jekyll is, it’s an open source static site generator with a powerful templating system. It allows you to code a site or blog in a “dynamic” way but the end result is a static site. Because it’s a static site, I don’t have to worry about dealing with a database, backups, and overall security concerns that come with a dynamic site.

I designed the logo using Adobe Illustrator. It’s simple but I think it works. The site is hosted on AWS S3. By the way, on my next post I’ll be writing about how to host a static site on S3. I will also begin a series of posts about creating a Laravel app from scratch and hosting it on AWS.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Just wanted to welcome you to my new blog. Thanks for stopping by.